Got a kitchen that drives you nuts with its chaos and clutter? It might be high time for a kitchen makeover. These days, kitchens are more than for cooking; they’re like the Swiss Army knives of the home. So, if your kitchen is smooth sailing, it becomes less about chores and more about chillin’.

a) Adding a kitchen island

Depending on how much room you’ve got to play with, why not think about adding a kitchen island? If you’re tight on space, consider knocking down a wall and swapping it out for an island to open up your kitchen and connect it seamlessly with your dining or living areas.

Whether you’re after a petite perch for extra prep space or a big mama with all the bells and whistles, a kitchen island can seriously level up your kitchen game in terms of space and layout. Y Group Remodeling can make your kitchen a functional space best for cooking and spending time with family.

b) Invest in countertops

Countertops take a beating, so picking a tough material is key. Granite is a solid choice, a bit cheaper, but it’s prone to scratches compared to quartz. Plus, quartz is eco-friendly since it’s made from waste from other processes.

It’s also non-porous, so no need for sealing like you do with granite, making it a hassle-free option that’ll last ages. And bonus; quartz can handle heat, stains, and scratches like a champ, so you can cook up a storm without worrying about damaging your counters.

c) Turn up the lighting and cabinetry

Surface-mounted lights like flush or semi-flush ones not only light up the ceiling but also the area beneath, adding a cheerful and bright vibe to the room. Don’t forget about under-cabinet lighting; it’s a must for practicality. Do you prefer opaque cabinets or would a few glass-front options work better for you?

Glass-front cabinets can help kids navigate the space better and show off your fancy china collection. Weigh the pros (accessibility and aesthetics) against the cons (finger smudges and constant cleaning) before making your decision. Contact local kitchen remodeling companies | Y Group Remodeling for cabinetry selection.

d) Prioritize form and function in your new kitchen

Form and function are key, especially with utilitarian kitchen components like your stove hood. Make sure your hood blends well with the rest of the kitchen’s design while still standing out.

Y Group Remodeling recommends incorporating more color into your kitchen. You can go big with eye-catching wallpaper or paint all your cabinetry in your favorite hue. If you’re not ready for a full-color commitment, consider opting for a contrasting wood finish for your island.

e) Add personality with a backsplash in your kitchen

Get creative with your backsplash to add personality to your space. Whether you prefer a clean look with quartz or something bold like colorful glass tile, a unique backsplash can elevate your kitchen’s design. Consider marble mosaic patterns for a touch of elegance in a simpler kitchen.

Consider how your kitchen flows with the rest of your home. If you’re creating an open floor plan, think about how you want your kitchen to function. If it’s a gathering space for family meals, prioritize a large island with seating.

f) Select the right kitchen flooring and ceiling

Consider using the same flooring in your kitchen as the surrounding living areas to create a unified look. Consider painting it a contrasting color to the walls and cabinets or adding beams, wood planks, or applied coffers for added interest.

Ensure your kitchen has enough seating for casual dining or for guests to chat with the cook while meals are being prepared. Local kitchen remodeling companies | Y Group Remodeling can increase the space in your kitchen. Incorporate stools at the island or consider adding a banquette for tight spaces. A banquette can be placed under a window, in a corner, or even as a divider in an open-plan kitchen.