If you have to renovate or restructure the bathroom, this task has to be done professionally. Any such restructuring task will involve handling old water connections, before new can be installed. The team will also have to replace old bathroom accessories with new ones.

Each change has to be made with precise calculation. You can look out for Y Group Remodeling team first. It is important to hire the best team in the industry.

Planning and assessment

• Before you begin with remodeling, evaluate the current structure and accessories
• List down the changes you need to do in your project
• Always ensure that only a professional team inspects the remodeling project

You need remodel the bathroom because you want changes. You can get started with analyzing the old layout. It is important to notice the structural changes you have to make.


Bathroom remodeling is never cheap. To purchase modern accessories, you have to spend money. You also have to carry out the construction works at the site. This can sum up of big amount if you have not decided your budget.

You have to fix your budget as per what you can afford. Before you start with this remodeling project you have to work on the budget part. This will prevent any unwanted expenses during the project stage.

Conception and design

You can search for bathroom remodel services in Oakland | Y Group remodeling team and then ask them to help you with bathroom design. Try to include fixtures and accessories that you are going to include in your remodeling project.

The choice of color and design has to be done wisely. Always ensure that the remodeling team provides you detailed design. This makes the process of selection easy for you. It is best to hire professional remodeling designer to help assist you with the design project.

Codes and permits

Experts are having knowledge related to building codes and permits. They are licensed and thus they will always follow compliance. They are also aware of the local building codes that they cannot omit during the remodeling project.

If you want to work on any remodeling project then you have to obtain necessary permits from the authorities. This is also essential if you have to carry out the demolition works. The professional Y Group Remodeling team will work on any project only if they have necessary permits.

Electric and plumbing works

The electrical works have to be carried out very carefully. The plumbing lines also have to be laid down. This means that the remodeling works have to be carried out perfectly without errors.

If you have to lay down new electric and plumbing lines, then you have to know the exact location of the old lines. This is the task that is best done only by a professional remodeling team. They will ensure that all safety procedures are followed during the remodeling stage.

Making structural changes

For some remodeling projects, you may have to carry out the structural changes. For bathroom remodeling, structural changes are never easy. It requires a lot of perfection. You have to hire bathroom remodel services in Oakland | Y Group remodeling team for this task.

The professional team will only make structural changes if it is very necessary. They provide designs and layout that are structural friendly and need no big changes. The professional team will also guide you in making a choice of fixtures and accessories for your bathroom project.

Installation task

They will help in making right accessories choice. They also help in carrying out the installation works. This means that you may not have to hire any team only for installation works. Before the bathroom project is completed, the professional team will conduct final inspection.

This is to ensure that the project was carried out as per requirements. If any changes are necessary the team will carry out after the inspection is done. The project is handed over to you only if approved by the professional team.