Our kitchens are at the heart of our homes and renovating it is an exciting decision. From the time you decide that your kitchen needs a renovation to seeing the actual changes coming to life, the endless possibilities will boggle your mind. You will dream of a functional kitchen offering an enhanced workflow, additional storage space, and luxurious kitchen counters that you will enjoy after the renovation. But, before you get lost in this dream, you must look for the best kitchen renovation contractors. After all, your kitchen deserves the best, and only experts can seamlessly transform your kitchen dreams into reality. But, with so many kitchen renovation contractors, you must be asking this question – “how can I find the best kitchen renovation contractors near me?” To help you find the best partner for your kitchen remodeling needs this year, we have put together the following article. You will find a few steps that you can perform to ensure that your kitchen renovations are handled by the best industry experts.

1.  List all available kitchen renovation contractors near me

The first step to finding the best kitchen remodeling partner is to make a list of renovation agencies available near you. A great way to do that is by inputting this search query on Google – “kitchen renovation contractors near me.” You will find numerous kitchen renovation agencies near your location along with their details. We recommend looking into client reviews posted on third-party sites for a better idea about the services they offer. Some common sites that you must check out for business reviews include – Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business.

2.  Review every contractor’s remodeling portfolio

Once you have a list of reputed and trusted kitchen renovation contractors near you, it is time to check out some of their work. Every remodeler is proud of their work and will surely have their best work featured on their business website and social media handles. You can set a minimum project limit, meaning you will only consider remodeling businesses that have worked on at least a few projects. We also recommend asking the renovation agency for insights into an ongoing project to get an idea about how they operate.

3.  Ask for client references

By this step, your list will be down to a handful of strong candidates with great remodeling portfolios. We would recommend asking each agency for client references to get an idea about overall client satisfaction. Generally, established renovation companies will provide you with a list of their previous clients along with their email addresses without hesitation. Some follow-up questions that we recommend asking every reference contact include:-

  • Did the renovation crew show up at the scheduled time?
  • Was the delivery completed within the promised time and budget?
  • Do you like your new kitchen or do you have any complaints?
  • Would you work with the contractor again on future projects?
  • Was the contractor open to suggestions?
  • Did the contractor address issues and resolve them quickly?
  • Did you experience any functional issues after the kitchen renovation?

4. Visit completed kitchen renovation sites

Once you have gotten client references, it will be easier to shortlist renovation contractors. The next step would be to visit completed kitchen renovation projects that are similar to yours. Some common signs of sloppy remodeling work that you must keep an eye out for include:-

  • Use of substandard materials for tiles, shelves, and counters
  • Poor flow of appliances in the kitchen
  • Unlevel countertops with no smooth transition between surfaces
  • Poor lighting and improper cabinet installation
  • Crooked tile work and flooring issues
  • Tile cracking

5.  Ask contractors to send formal bid requests

Since your list will be down to two to five contractors, you must ask each contractor to send a formal bid request. Ensure that the detailed proposal outlines an estimated cost and a breakdown of the project completion timeline. You must cross-check other elements like materials, appliances, and labor costs to ensure that the investment is justified. We also recommend checking the proposed blueprint to ensure proper design flow between key elements like the stove, fridge, cabin, and sink. Although you might be tempted to go with the contractor offering the lowest, you must remember that you will be living with this kitchen for a while. Ensure that you choose the renovation contractor whose proposed budget and timeline align best with your needs.

Are you ready for your dream kitchen?

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