With years of experience in kitchen remodelling and renovation, we have a wide clientele of experience. Our portfolio speaks for itself and clearly attests to our experience and the ultimate customer satisfaction. Now, most of our customers spend hours researching companies that come up when they type “kitchen remodel in my area,” before coming to us. And, some of our customers also get in touch with us only after a bad experience with another renovation company. The common complaint that most of them have is – they weren’t prepared how to survive their kitchen remodelling. This is why we decided to put together this blog to help you survive your next kitchen remodelling.

Managing your expectations before your kitchen remodelling

Whenever we take on a kitchen remodelling project, our crew stays on the job until it is complete. So, you can expect to see our crew at your house from morning to evening working until your kitchen remodelling is complete. We are consistent and focused on running the job as smoothly and quickly as possible. However, depending on your project scope and size, the time can range anywhere between one week to six weeks from start to finish.

In the case of kitchen remodelling, there is no reason for you and your family to leave your residence. After all, there are other rooms in your house that will be livable and will not be undergoing renovation. Some of our clients go on vacation throughout the kitchen remodelling process since it seems easier. However, the downside is that we are not able to communicate with you and take your opinions into consideration.

Surviving your life without a kitchen throughout the project duration

During your kitchen remodelling, you have to live without a stove, oven, and kitchen sink. Seems impossible and hectic, right? Well, do not fret because although it might seem daunting, it is possible and we are here to prepare you for it. Here are some tips on how you can live as your kitchen gets remodelled by us, the best company performing “kitchen remodel in my area.”

1.  Build a temporary kitchen

Before your kitchen walls are torn down and appliances are removed, find an area of your house where you can build a makeshift kitchen. Some areas that are commonly used to set up a temporary kitchen include basements, dining rooms, and garages. The appliances that you must shift from your kitchen to this area before the remodelling include a toaster oven, coffee maker, crock-pot, microwave, and an electric burner. If you do not have much space to set up your makeshift kitchen, a single electric burner also works great and is often enough.

2.  Set aside the right tools

Set aside cooking utensils and storage containers that are suitable and compatible with the appliances you have set aside. For example, if your makeshift kitchen includes a microwave oven, ensure that you also have microwave-safe dishes and containers. You must also set aside some handy essentials like tin foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and garbage bags.

3.  Buy disposable utensils and tools

With your dishwasher out of your reach, it might be best for you to stock up on disposable utensils and tools. Eat on paper plates and use plastic forks/knives to avoid the need to wash dishes in the kitchen sink or using your dishwasher. This will also allow you and your family to enjoy home-cooked meals even during kitchen remodelling and renovations.

4.  Purchase ready-to-eat items

Since your kitchen will be out of your reach, stocking up on fresh groceries might not be a good idea. Instead, take time to inventory your pantry and stock up on dry and canned goods. You can also purchase things like peanuts, crackers, and string cheese for quick, healthy snacks. As for large meals, purchasing ready-to-eat food like heat-and-serve entrees, rotisserie chicken, and salads might be a good idea.

5.  Eat out or freeze ahead

Remember that making meals and packing regular lunches for kids can be quite difficult during a renovation, which is why you must allow yourself and your family the luxury of eating out. You can also create freeze-and-heat meals at home by making dishes like pot roast and chilli and freezing them.


Kitchen remodelling can be a difficult time for your family and can disrupt your routines. But, with proper planning and choosing the best renovation partner, performing “kitchen remodel in my area,” can make it easier. Get in touch with our expert team at Y Group Remodelling to take a step towards transforming your dream kitchen into reality and making renovation a seamless and effortless process.