When it comes to house renovation, the bathroom is the priority which is often overlooked. Though it also deserves the same attention as your rooms deserve. The bathroom is the most essential place in the house. Every dirt from the room goes to the bathroom If you are exploring for your Pleasanton bathroom, then you are in luck. Y group can be your top-notch priority for modern bathroom remodeling and renovation in Pleasanton. we have a lot of ideas to remodel your bathroom. With the help of our experts, you can easily turn your space into a luxurious space without any regret.

Why you should choose Y Group remodeling as a modern bathroom remodel and renovation Pleasanton?

The bathroom is not just an area, where you just wash your body. That’s the place where people take a long shower after their hectic day and feel relaxed. So, bathroom is the most comfortable and warm place that you need to remodel to enhance the beauty of your house. Y group remodeling experts prioritize your choice and remodel your simple bathroom to an aesthetic warm place.

It must be in your mind that all remodeling contractors provide these things, what makes us different from them? We offer the following ideas to our client.

1. Ideas in accordance to elders:

People with old age undergo several changes. Around 70-80% of elders fall in the bathroom due to misbalancing and weak eyesight so it is very necessary to choose anti-fall designs such as

  • Zero threshold shower, which allows water to drain properly and has an inclined floor.
  • Non-slipping floor, tiles could be unsafe for the elders so ceramic tile, or natural stone can be used as it is non slippery and properly visible.
  • Support rails, during a shower there is a chance to slip due to the presence of a soap bar on the floor. These rails allow the elderly to take a shower conveniently and keep them safe.

2. Modern bathroom bar material:

Every element makes your bathroom so comfortable. Considering bathroom bar, function, and durability is the high-level executive. Just say goodbye to your previous thoughts. Keep mainly these things in mind during considering a modern bathroom bar.

  • Waterproof: A surface with a highly porous nature can easily be damaged with water but a waterproof surface doesn’t allow water to stay and prevents the seams.
  • Safeguarding: Seal stones like marble, and granite come in several colours. Its regular cleaning and sealings prevent surface damage and make it’s lifelong.

3. Budget consideration:

  • Evaluate the budget: Y group remodeling experts first understand the needs of a client and then give their suggestions to enhance their choice. We maintain transparency so that client knows what they’ll get in last.
  • Consider the essential things: We ask the client what elements they want in their bathroom, if the elements are possible under the rate, then only we provide the service otherwise we give them another solution to them.

4. Bathroom storage:

Usually we see a lot of stuff in the bathroom and due to inappropriate space, we have to throw them out! Have you also thrown your expensive body shower gel which you purchased last month and don’t have enough space? Wait. Y group remodeling has brought quick and simple storage ideas.

  • The rear door is your buddy: Just add a hanging basket on your rear door which allows you to keep heavy items. Let these baskets fit according to your needs.
  • Open shelves can be more satisfactory and allow a lot of items.
  • A revolving shelf allows you to use a soap bar or shampoo easily without taking them out of the shelf. All the things are easily visible.

5. Client satisfaction:

Client satisfaction is our top-notch priority. We have highly skilled craftsmen who are dedicated and provide excellent service.

Summing up!

For Modern Bathroom Remodel And Renovation Pleasanton, Y group remodeling upgrades its appearance along with utility. Your dream of a modern bathroom can turn into a reality with us! Our experts are highly knowledgeable. They just scratch your thoughts into reality. What else do you need now? Just plan your model bathroom remodel and renovation in Pleasanton with Y group remodeling. Embrace your thoughts with us!