Are you frustrated with your small kitchen and considering demolishing it completely to renovate from the ground up, which is absolutely not possible? Well, as the industry’s best complete home remodeling company, we are here to provide renovation ideas that will help make small kitchens look a LOT bigger! After all, most apartments in London, New York, and Paris are small and have smaller kitchens, but are stylish too. Follow the tips mentioned below and successfully create the illusion of a bigger space and maximize the space available.

10 Tips That We Use to Remodel Small Kitchens and Make Them Look Bigger

In this section, we have listed some common design tricks that we adopt as a professional complete home remodeling company to make smaller kitchens look bigger.

1.  Include color

The simplest and quickest way to update the look of your kitchen is to change the color of your kitchen. If you go on Pinterest and search for the recent interior design trends, you will see that white kitchens are on-trend. The color helps open up your space and will make your kitchen look really bigger. You can also add a brighter color like yellow to create a sunny and welcoming look for your kitchen.

2.  Add geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have always been fashionable in art and interior design and are filling numerous patterned rugs, tablecloths, and blankets. These patterns are also ideal for small kitchens and offer an illusion of a larger space, making them perfect for smaller kitchens. We use patterns as an accent to ensure that we are not overdoing it as too much of it can have a negative effect. That is, it can make the space look overcrowded, busy, and smaller.

3.  Incorporate creative painting and art pieces

Use creative painting to add drama to your kitchen and a bit of pizazz to help brighten up the space. Some ways in which you can utilize paint to ensure that the space looks bigger include:-

  • Opt for lighter and neutral colors
  • Choose lighter colors for upper cabinets and darker ones for lower cabinets to create the illusion of height
  • Add color pops to your shelves or put up a bold accent wall
  • Choose a white ceiling wall
  • Avoid matte paint and instead reach for satin and eggshell paints that allow light to bounce off the surfaces

4.  Utilize open shelving or replace cabinet doors with glass

Adding glass doors to cabinets or opting for open shelving can provide an illusion that you have more space. However, you must ensure that the items on your shelves are not cluttered and do not look overcrowded. Some important tips that we use as a professional complete home remodeling company include:-

  • Sticking with a color palette and storing mismatched dishes away from view
  • Striking a balance between lighter and heavier items
  • Ensuring that items used regularly are placed closer, while those rarely used are placed on the higher shelves that are out of reach

5.  Adding mirrored surfaces or utilizing mirrors

Mirrors help provide an illusion of a bigger space because they reflect light and open up the space. In case your kitchen has countertops that also function as a dining space, adding a mirror can be essential and is really good according to feng shui.

6.  Connect your kitchen with the outdoor

If you have a great outdoor space right outside your kitchen walls, adding French doors can be a really great idea. They will bring a lot of light and brighten up your kitchen, while also extending the space and making the kitchen look a lot bigger.

7.  Put in some accent lights

Since our eyes are drawn to shadows, minimizing it is a great idea to ensure that your kitchen space looks a lot bigger. Adding accent lights below shelves and under cabinets can increase the functionality of your area and elevate the kitchen space.

8.  Streamline the available storage space

The major issue with small kitchens that we see as a complete home remodeling company is the lack of space. Other than investing time to take inventory and declutter things, we recommend adding organizational elements like corner cabinets.

9.  Put horizontal stripes to widen the space

A fashion advice that often makes rounds on the Internet is that wearing wide, horizontal stripes can make us look bigger. Well, you can utilize this concept for your kitchen and add some horizontal stripes to make your kitchen look bigger.

10. Opt for a single kitchen sink

Although double sinks might look more functional, they are unnecessary for smaller kitchens. We recommend opting for a single kitchen sink to ensure that you have more space for countertops.

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